Venus The Sensual Lady of Love or The Warrior Goddess?
With Dorothy Morgan

Most people do not know that in an 8 year cycle Venus makes a pentagram shape around the planet. On March 25 th (the day of the fair) Venus begins a new 8 year cycle around the earth. Come and learn something even deeper about the two sides of Venus and the rolls she plays in our public and private lives.

Dorothy Morgan is a Master Astrologer and Personal Consultant with over 27 years’ experience consulting as well as teaching a wide variety of subjects relating to Astrology and personal development. Dorothy has a deep understanding of her own life path and purpose as an Astrologer. This insight allows her to assist you in gaining greater understanding of your own life path as well as inspire you to take the steps you need to follow your own life purpose.

Food for Thought: Food Totems and Divination
With Dawn Hunt

Food connects us all and in many ways we feel spiritually connected to it. But have you ever thought about why you love a certain food so much, or what your food craving could be telling you? In this workshop we will explore the idea of food totems, as well as delving into the deeper meanings of food cravings. A small mediation will be included.

Dawn Hunt is the founder of Cucina Aurora Kitchen Witchery founded on Long Island NY, and recently relocated to New England. She teaches classes on Kitchen Witchery and food Magic locally and tours giving workshops along the East Coast. Voted one of the top 100 cooks in the country Dawn appeared on MasterChef season 4 on FOX network. The Kitchen Witch has also been featured in the HIPPO Magazine and WMUR’s Cooks Corner. She is currently working on her third cookbook due to be available shortly.  Creating the sacred every day though simple recipes and food magic, Dawn has brought Food Magic into the homes of many Pagans and Non-Pagans alike through her line of infused olive oils and dips. She has been a Pagan for over 15 years and discovered she was a Kitchen/Cottage Witch about 13 years ago.  She and her husband, Justin, live in the Merrimack Valley in Massachusetts.

Magical Tools
With Raven Grimassi

Magic is a old as humankind’s ability to think beyond our day to day life. Join author Raven Grimassi for a talk on the Art of Magic and the use of magical tools. Featured is a look at how to magically charge a wand, dagger, chalice and pentacle. Come and explore the ways to empower your own magic! 
Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor-Grimassi are a teaching team in the ways of Old World Witchcraft. Raven is an award winning author of seventeen+ books on Witchcraft & Wicca, and has been a practitioner and teacher for over 40 years. Stephanie has also been a practitioner of Wicca & Witchcraft for over 20 years and is a third degree Priestess of Irish Celtic Wicca and Stregheria. Raven and Stephanie co-created and co-authored the two Oracles decks, The Well Worn Path, and The Hidden Path. In 2006, Raven and Stephanie formed the Ash, Birch and Willow system of Witchcraft and are the Directing Elders. Together they co-direct the Fellowship of the Pentacle, a Mystery School devoted to preserving pre-Christian European traditions. In addition, Raven and Stephanie offer home study courses on older forms of Witchcraft ( with students around the globe) through the Fellowship website and have an internet store, , which has been dedicated to providing items for your spiritual and magical practice for over 13 years. Raven and Stephanie also host a weekly radio show on the Illuminati Network called Seasons of the Witch as well as being hosted at independent stores and festival across the country.

Are You an Empath?
With Steve Wilson and Bety Comerford

Have you spent your life feeling everyone's emotions? Have you been bombarded with every thought, every feeling from those around you and from the world itself? Are you ready to scream? You are not crazy; you are an empath. This interactive workshop will help you understand what it means to be an empath, why you feel what you feel, and how to share the wonderful opportunities the gift of empathy offers you to heal yourself, those around you, and the world. You will learn to discern the truth when people's words do not match their emotions, to use fearlessness to protect yourself, and to tap into the vibrational energy of love. You will also learn how energy works and how it can be used for healing, accessing the past, present, and future, manifesting responsibly, and much more. If you suspect you are an empath or know someone who may be struggling with that gift, this workshop is definitely for you.

Bety Comerford and Steve Wilson are both shamanic healers and empaths who have helped many people understand their empathic gifts and heal those parts of themselves that keep them from living a fulfilling life. They are the authors of The Reluctant Empath, The Empath's Quest: Finding your Destiny and The Empathic Ghost Hunter (to be released later by this year by Schiffer Publishing).




Chakras for Kids
With Eva Goulette

Join us for a fun and entertaining class about chakras (energy centers in the body)! This program teaches children about chakras by utilizing games, crafts, activities and songs. Children will leave knowing about each chakra - the names, colors, purpose, how to check to see if they are open, and how to open them if they are closed. Appropriate for children 5-13 years old

Eva Goulette, founder and director of Dancing Jaguar Inspirations and Spirit Camp, is a shamanic practitioner with a natural gift for working with children. She is passionate about empowering children to be the best they can be, to trust their intuition, speak from their hearts and honor their truth. She has produced a CD, “Tranquil Tales - Interactive Quiet Time Stories for Grounding and Relaxation”, "The Awesome Affirmations Coloring Book", and co-produced “Grounded for Life”, a deck of 52 exercises designed to assist adults and children in becoming more grounded in their daily lives.


Healing Sound Bath
With Bindy Johnson

Through the beautiful sounds of 25 alchemy crystal singing bowls each infused with minerals, metals or gemstones, antique Tibetan & Indian bowls; some dating as far back as 160 years, and other harmonious percussion instruments Bindy leads you on a soul journey to other worlds and deep spiritual levels with the tones that will connect you to your chakras, your guides and to the Divine. Join in with these ancient vibrations, open your hearts and expand. The gifts are as endless and abundant as we desire them to be, and the space she holds is full of love, compassion, empowerment and unity. Please bring with you a yoga mat or blanket to lay upon, pillow for head and under knees for support, a blanket for cover as body temperature may drop, and water for any throat chakra clearing.

Bindy has been in the field of healing for over 20 years, she is a Shamanic Energy and Sound Healing practitioner, Magnified Healer, Reiki Master and Teacher and recording artist. Her healing practice Illuminations of Gaia, is inside of Dragonfly Wellness Center in Devens, MA where she sees people privately for healing sessions, and offers monthly sound baths and Reiki trainings. From a young age Bindy's mother taught her hypnosis as a method to move discomfort in her body and bring peace, these teachings expanded in many ways over the years. Bindy is a mother of two who, in additional to sound and energy healing, passes on breathwork, classical homeopathy, herbs, yoga, nature and mindful nutrition to her children for peace and healing.

Native American Flute Medicine
With Michael Longrider

This class will discuss basic techiniques of playing the instrument, as well as the healing value of combining the power of wood selection with tonal manipulation

Michael is a Native American Music Award nominee as well as a 4- time winner of the Silver Arrow Award for major contributions to Native American music given out by Spiritwind Records.

Don't miss Michael's performance with Owl and Eagle on the main stage!

Crafting and using loose powdered herbal incenses
With Charity Bedell

This workshop will cover choosing herbs, materials used in working with loose incense, and how to actually work with the loose incenses. This includes as part of a larger ritual and as a spell on its own. All participants will bring home a sample incense that we crafted together during the workshop.

Charity Bedell has been a practicing witch since her 13th birthday. Over the years her practice has become more and more focused on herbs and herbal charms. Several years ago she started to work on crafting her own loose powdered incenses for use in spells and rituals. After seeing how effective they were in her rituals and with encouragement from friends and family in the summer of 2013 she opened Mystic Echoes a metaphysical supply shop that specializes in homemade herbal products for health, wellness, magic, and spiritual work.

The Blessing Cord
With Adam Sartwell

The blessing cord is a tool of contemplation based on the concepts of the Qabalah, the Elements and the witches cord. The combination of these concepts birthed a spiritual practice to deepen your own blessings and knowledge of your self. In this class you will learn about how to make your own cord and experience one of the forty meditations.

Adam Sartwell is a natural intuitive, professional tarot reader, healer, and diviner. He is an ordained minister and founder of the Temple of Witchcraft. Adam is the author of Twenty-one Days of Reiki from Copper Cauldron Publishing and has been published in anthologies such as The Green Lovers, Ancestors of the Craft, and Foundations of the Temple. He is a Reiki master and psychometric healer..

Labyrinth: A Walk for Peace
Tracy Andryc

In this tumultuous time, we need to find opportunities to weave together our individual hopes and dreams of a peaceful future to create communities that not only celebrate diversity but honor differences and send healing peaceful energy out into the world. This labyrinth walk is in participation of the Gandhi-King Season for Nonviolence which was created to find ways to translate what we have learned into a culture of nonviolent responses to terror and injustice. You are welcome to stop in to write postcards to our local legislators, add to a community peace mural, or walk the labyrinth to send your wishes for peace out into the world.

Tracy Andryc has been sharing her love of the labyrinth since her first walk on its path in 1998. She sees the labyrinth as a universal tool that can be used in a magical/spiritual context, regardless of your religious path. Tracy is a Veriditas Certified Labyrinth Facilitator, Certified Birth Doula, Reiki Master and owner of One Path Labyrinth Ventures. She takes a holistic approach to her labyrinth work by incorporating other modalities such as crystal grids, sound and sacred dance. For almost two decades, she has facilitated workshops and rituals on the labyrinth and other topics at venues throughout New England. Tracy lives in Massachusetts, with her husband, three adult kids and three step-kids, happily playing with clay.

The Ancient Art of Belly Dance
With Zabel

In this workshop you will be introduced to the art and power of belly dance. Learn basic vocabulary and the gentle movements that build the base of this ancient dance form. Tap into your inner strength and discover your ability to move energy and emotion through the power of music and your body. No previous dance experience is required. All ages and body types are welcome.

After falling in love with the art of Middle Eastern dance in 2001, Zabel searched for training by the best teachers and dancers in the country. She combines history, the art, and the technique of the traditional Middle Eastern dance styles with modern ideas and fusions. For the past five years, Zabel traveled throughout New England and the east coast training strong traditionally educated dancers with a powerful modern edge.

Don't miss Zabel's performance on the main stage!

Expanding Your Intuition: Let your psychic guide your life.
With Dr Kevin Ross Emery

We are gifted in this lifetime with an intellectual, an emotional body, a physical body, and a spiritual body- none of which are meant to be the sole rulers of your life. In this discussion Dr Kevin will give some simple techniques on not only expanding your intuition and developing the psychic, but how to let it guide you to living a better life.

Dr Kevin is a best selling author, radio and TV show host and is in his 27th year of running a spiritual business. 

The Sorcery of the Second Attention
With Jeffery Cerneson

In this workshop we will be exploring the sorcery of the body, the sorcery of the mind, and how they relate to one another. We will begin with a warmup that loosens the tight hold our guardian mind has over our body. Through progressive practices we will open the energy flow allowing us to learn specific technques such as igniting the three cauldrons to open and engage the second attention. Once successful, the student will begin the process of awakening the dreaming body. This is a fundamental practice which allows for deeper engagement with non-physical phenomena, magic and other subtler sorceries. In class we will also have disccusion about mind-intent, will, the life force, perception and dreaming awareness. Join Jeff as he shares more than three decades of experience in the sorceries he's participated in from around the world.

Jeff has spent the bulk of his adult life in a search for the ineffable. He has studied Taoist Sorcery within both the Quan Zhen and Zheng Yi branches of Taoism, learning some of the hidden secrets few in the west have been privy to. He has also studied with a personal student of Tom Yellowtail in the traditional Medicine ways of the Absaroke. Though not culturally of the First People, he has learned to appreciate the mindset and the system of teachings on how to relate appropriately to the unseen world. He has immersed himself in his ancestral path of ancient teachings that originate from the European pre-Christian Pagan metaphysics and spiritual path which are currently under reconstruction and reclamation. Jeff is a Pharmakeute and initiated member of the Ash, Birch and Willow Tradition, training directly with Raven and Stephanie Grimassi.

Intersectional Lore and Activism
With Kate Holly-Clark

Poetry, Fairytales, Witchcraft and Feminism: This is a talk examining the connection between fairy tales, witchcraft, poetry and feminism; how some of the tales don’t exactly mean what you think they might, and how we use our own faith as Pagans to drive our art and our activism.

Kate Holly-Clark is a storyteller, artist, jeweler, poet, and feminist. She’s been published in Breath and Shadow, Three Drops From A Cauldron, and others.

Intoducing the Runes
With Jason Nadeau

Runes, 24 symbols from the depth of creation that we see all around us including movies, television, and in the logos for modern technology. Still, few people know what they are. We will introduce the Runes from a broader perspective of who and what they are, where they come from, what they express, and a little about the culture of the people who knew them. We’ll be looking at the Rune Poem and how they can be used in Magick and Divination, as well as the language of the Runes.

Jason is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master/Teacher, Shamanic Practitioner/Diviner, and Certified Firewalk Instructor as well as a student in the Temple of Witchcraft Mystery School. He works as a full-time independent Massage Therapist and Shamanic Practitioner at Rye Therapeutic Massage in Rye New Hampshire as well as teaching classes in the subjects that he enjoys. He can be found through