Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you to everyone who came out to enjoy the fourth annual Magickal Marketplace & Psychic Faire yesterday. We like to think that we don't just host a fair, but help build community. We're grateful for every person who steps through the doors, and truly hope that you all enjoyed the day as much as we did.

Thank you to our sponsors for your support and your faith in the cause.

Thank you to our performers and presenters, both those who returned, and those who joined us for the first time. We are continually astounded at the degree of knowledge and sheer talent you contribute every year.

Thank you to Chris and to all of our volunteers, staff, and support. For hauling boxes and stamping hands and selling raffle tickets, for providing such a great stage for our performers and for everything else you do behind the scenes- We honestly could not do it without you.

Thank you to our psychic readers, and to our vendors. You are the best of the best- Not just in your skill and craftsmanship and your ability to curate such wonderful collections of merchandise, but in your commitment and sheer love of what you do. It doesn't get said enough, but you are the very foundation that events like ours are built upon. Thank you for coming out every year, for your feedback, and for all you do for the fair and for each other- from watching each others' tables to helping us advertise to making our patrons feel welcome. You are the underappreciated core of the community we try so hard to foster.

And finally, thanks to the Radisson, to our neighbors in the other function rooms, and to the staff who does the dirty work of setup and teardown, of running the restaurant, and of making space for each other.

On the side there is a picture of a literal truckload of food- at least a few hundred pounds- along with nearly $850 raised yesterday for the Nashua Soup Kitchen and Shelter. We offer a $2 discount with admission to those who donate to the food drive, but we were shocked at how above and beyond some of you went- Wholesale club sized packages. Entire cases of canned goods. 4-packs of canned hams each large enough for a whole family. Because of your generosity, there are families who won't have to go hungry this week.

Words cannot express our gratitude for each and every one of you. Thank you for joining us and for making the day the incredible, growing success that it was. I can't speak for everyone, but I believe they'd agree- I can genuinely say that yesterday was the high point of my year.

Thank you.