The Magickal Marketplace truly is- We've curated the best selection of magickal and mysical merchandise you'll find anywhere, along with dozens of other wonderful wares.

Adventure Awaits!
Adventure Awaits! is the creative production of artist Jess LeClair. She designs and produces a line of magical objects based on traditional folklore, magic and fairy tales. In addition to cards and prints made from altered Victorian illustrations, she uses the latest laser cutting technology to make everything from kits for creative adventurers to ornaments, earrings, and keychains. Spells, potions and other assorted magical necessities round out the collection.

Aeon Moon
Aeon Moon bags are individually hand crafted using only natural fibers. 100% Cotton Velvet exteriors adorned with dozens of inspirational embroidery designs and pure Dupioni Silk linings, giving them a beautiful look and durability. Every thread and stitch is sourced from nature and each one made with loving intention and fused with positive energy by the husband and wife team that are Aeon Moon. These bags are made in three sizes to accommodate pendulums, stones, runes, tarot and oracle decks, ritual items or anything precious one wished to keep in them.

Anam Cara
Anam Cara of RI offers hand-made, all natural aromatherapy mists crafted for body, mind, spirit and ritual. We also craft vibrational/energetic essences in keeping with significant astronomical and astrological events.  Anam Cara of RI is the healing practice of David J Erwin, MA, MDiv. Consultations are two-fold, Self-Exploration and Transformation. Self-Exploration includes Tarot, Star+Gate, Personality Scoring and Color Testing. Transformation includes Reiki Jin Kei Do, Aromatherapy, Vibrational Essences, Meditation and Zentangle®. Wellness is a journey and we are pleased to walk with you along the way. 

Ancient Fire Henna
Natural, exotic henna body art for adornment, intention or spiritual workings.

Antika Nueva  <PRESENTER
Antika Nueva is an eclectic one-woman company from Barnstead, NH, making handmade wire art jewelry, herbal soaps and salves, and soft and sewn accessories. I spend summers at renaissance faires and pagan events throughout New England.

Auntie Arwen's Spices 
Spice/ethnic/hot/salt free/herb/grillin'/seafood/poultry/sweet seasoning blends, salts of the world, fudge, crystallized ginger, organic catnip, chocolate covered coffee beans/crystallized ginger/craisins (dried cranberries) etc. . Over 350 different blends! Also fudge, teas, baking extracts, my own recipe herbal teas, and locally roasted coffees.

My stained glass panels and windchimes incorporate a lot of pagan imagery, altar tools, moons and stars. I have a series of pagan holiday pentacle panels. Most recently I've been working on a line of dragons and fairies with gemstone points worked into their wings. I also have more secular suncatchers with ghosts, roses, and little holiday decorations.

Beautiful, unique, WitchCrafted candles using high quality waxes, cotton wicks, and professional grade fragrance oils. Specialty candle glitter adorns the top of the majority of my candles as it is my signature. I also add herbs and sometimes crystals depending on the candle I am working on. Every single formula is my own. I started creating Manifest such as MoneyDraw, Protection, etc but quickly got into making Goddess / God candles as well. A devotee of Morrigan, I have completed an entire Tuatha de Danann line that I am extremely proud of, with the help of two Priestess friends, one devoted to Macha and the other to Badb. My MORRIGAN candle is a very special blend including Dragon's Blood, and remains my top seller along with HECATE. I've also created Sabbat Candles, Eclipse Candles, and Phases of the Moon will be coming next (I already make a Full Moon Candle only during the 3 days around a Full Moon). Every candle is labeled & packaged solely by me. I am the one woman dynamo behind the scenes also doing the marketing, blogging, and vending at local festivals/events-which I love, as I have made so many wonderfully talented artist friends along the way. 

Bewitchin' the Kitchen
Handcrafted, quilted altar cloths, table runners, kitchen sets, & mug mats.

Branwen's Dreams
Branwen's Dreams offers a wide array of luxurious herbal and magical wares for individuals who want the very best organic and natural products for themselves and their families. From herbal tinctures and remedies and skin care, smudge & linen sprays, perfumes & ritual oils, to hand-knitted / crocheted, needlefelted, or wire-wrapped gifts, everything I make is done in harmony with the sacred traditions of the Pharmakeute and using only ingredients that I would feel good giving to my family, and is always crafted within sacred space.

Cerridwen's Keep
Hand made jewelry, cloaks, robes, altar clothes, herbs, essential oils, spell kits, candles stones. We have everything you would need!!!!

Cucina Aurora   <PRESENTER
Cucina Aurora Kitchen Witchery provides Kitchen Witch Wares for all your Magical Meals! Ritual Aprons, Hand burned wooden cutting boards and spoons, and cookie cutters. Our organic Herb and Energy infused olive oils come in four varieties of Rosemary/Oregano, Sun dried Tomato Basil, Hot Pepper and our famous Roasted Garlic. The all Natural Garlic & Herb Mix and Toasted Onion Dip Mix are happy additions to any spice rack. Our all natural cookie mixes take you to homemade magick in just 15 minutes! All of our products are gluten-free and dairy-free! Save the best for last...Dawn “the Kitchen Witch” will be there to sign copies of her cookbook Tastes From the Temple.

Dancing Jaguar Inspirations provides spirituality products and services for children. Products include: Books, CDs, decks of cards, pendulums, dowsing rods, worry stones, etc. Services include: classes, workshops and summer camp programs that nurture a child's spirit. Curriculum is taught by implementing games, activities, crafts and reading books. Children learn about chakras, auras, power animals, the Law of Attraction and many other subjects while having fun and playing the games and activities created by Eva Goulette, the founder of the company.

Dante's Witchcrafts 
Dante has been handcrafting fine quality wands, brooms, divination tools, and spell kits for more than 20 years. He carries the largest variety of woods, harvested from the trees of New England and the East coast states, and his work with Nature's gifts has become nationally known.

David Pontbriand  <PERFORMER
Sitar player David Pontibrand will have his CDs available for purchase.  Inquire about lessons, as well!

Spirited Woodland / Deadwick's Etherial Emporium
Creativity is in my blood and there hasn't been a time in my life when I wasn't working on some little artistic project. My art is my outlet - my meditation. The world outside disappears and I am in a world of my own creation. Fairies, dragons and fantastical beings surround me in my mind. I want to offer a glimpse into their world and bring as many people into it as I can, even for a moment. There are so many colors to see in things and there is so much inspiration in our world, we just need to stop and make time to observe it. We can live an inspired life filled with magic, I try to blur the line between fantasy and reality. I am happiest when I am creating and I really think that it shows. My work space is filled with all sorts of items I have collected over the years and they are all part of my creative world. My pieces evolve as I make them, sometimes turning out to be something other than what I initially planned, and I'm open to that. Feeling the materials and letting intuition take over is a major part of my creative process. I have heard from my customers and collectors around the world how they feel about my pieces and I can't help but light up (on the inside and the outside). That reminds me that I have made a difference today to someone and that is my ultimate goal.

Deer Meadow Farms
Deer Meadow Homestead is a licensed home based producer of jelly, jam, granola and bread, bisquit, and cookie mixes. Most of my ingredients are grown on our farm or locally sourced. All my jellies and jams are still made in my kitchen in small batches.

Diamonds & Dinosaurs 
Crystals, Fossils, Sterling Gemstone Jewelry, Tumbled Stones, Moldavite and Unique Gifts from Around The World. Serving your gemstone needs since 1994.

Dr Kevin, Spiritual Catalyst
Dr Kevin has had a full time business as a spiritual catalyst, teacher and healer for 27 years. Best selling author, radio and tv show host will be doing intuitive sessions, selling his books, dvds, cds, and crystals.

Emporium 32 
Vintage-inspired jewelry and accessories including resin pictorial jewelry, leather bracelets and wrist cuffs, leather-wrapped flasks, hair clips, brooches, lapel pins, and cuff links. In addition, we also sell a selection of costume accessories including leather hat bands, steampunk devices and the very famous Tailor's Assistant bracer. We also recently started carrying handmade bead and moustache care products.

Fairey Crown Cottage
Fairey Crown Cottage is the retail store of they create stunning gem stone crowns perfect for ritual wear or meditative travel. Faireycrowns make great holiday hats. They also carry crowns for children and with a matching line of wands, wings and tutus the Fairy within will be pleased.

Fairy Lady Glass 
Sterling silver jewelry and handmade fused dichroic glass jewelry and gifts.'s mission is to provide natural and/or organic herbal healing and aromatherapy products to combat the daily stress placed on both mind and body. I use only the finest American grown ingredients whenever possible to support American farmers. In addition, I use Environment Friendly 100% recycled Kraft bags, packaging and shipping materials as well as 100% all-natural preservatives! offers handmade products created in small batches to ensure the finest quality. I care about my customers, every transaction is more than a sale to me, its an ongoing relationship!, its what's good for you!  

A Healing Vibration 
A Healing Vibration is a wellness center and emporium offering a wide variety of metaphysical retail and consignment from local artists. Selection includes: tarot/oracle decks, gemstones/crystals, fair trade clothing, tea, décor, candles, essential oils, yoga supplies, chainmail, journals, and more. Please contact us in advance 978-850-4164 or visit our website to place a custom order available for pick up at the Magickal Marketplace. Gift certificates also available for services: Massage, Coaching, Organic Hair Spa, and Reiki.

House of Grimassi   <PRESENTER
Authors Raven and Stephanie Grimassi will be selling and signing their numerous books, as well as other interesting items.  Don’t miss their presentation on the lecture stage!

Illuminations of Gaia  <PRESENTER
Bindy has intuitive gifts that bring peace and healing to the mind, body and soul. She works with people to help them live the lives they truly desire. Through the beautiful sounds of 25 alchemy crystal singing bowls each infused with minerals, metals or gemstones, antique Tibetan & Indian bowls; some dating as far back as 160 years, and other harmonious percussion instruments Bindy leads you on a soul journey to other worlds and deep spiritual levels with the tones that will connect you to your chakras, your guides and to the Divine. Join in with these ancient vibrations, open your hearts and expand. The gifts are as endless and abundant as we desire them to be, and the space she holds is full of love, compassion, empowerment and unity.

Jane Starr Weils Art
Works by professional artist and illustrator Jane Starr Weils can be seen on many book and CD covers. She will be offering artwork with her trademark Fae, Pagen/Wiccan, Celtic and such themes in print form (5x7 and 8x10) as well as on misc products such as mugs, decorative wall tiles etc.

Jenna Greene  <PERFORMER
Jenna Greene is a singer-songwriter-harpist inspired by Celtic myth and faerie magick. She will be selling her two solo CDs, "Crossroads" and "Wild Earth Child", as well as her new release "Fairy's Love Song" with Kellianna. Jenna is also a mythic artist and will have her meditation art prints and T-shirts available for purchase.

Kellianna  <PERFORMER
I'm releasing my first book of the Warrior Queen Chronicles Trilogy and will have copies at the table! I will also of course be selling CD's inspired by myth and magic including "Lady Moon" , "I walk With The Goddess", "Elemental" and "The Ancient Ones" I have two CD's of Traditional music, my solo CD, "Traditions" and brand new release as Lady Moon, a duo with Jenna Greene, called "Fairy's Love Song".

Kitchen Witch Kreations 
Hand poured all natural soy candles and organic beeswax candles made with lead free wicks, phthalate free fragrances, and organic essential oils. 

Lakeside Gifts 
Quartz crystals and rough stones and minerals.

Lennon Studio  
Katie Lennon of Lennon Studio works to bring visions of myth and magic into reality. Whether it be through Block Prints, Oil Paintings, Sculptures, or Giclee prints Katie strives to share her visions of the magical realm with her audience.  She’s been called “a true emissary from the Realm of Faerie.”  Katie Lennon is an eclectic artist with a unique gift for illuminating both the visible world of nature and the invisible plane of Faerie-kind.  Her distinctive visual art takes many forms.  Katie is an accomplished painter with a striking color palette that can gravitates towards the aesthetics of nighttime, or the somber hues of twilight.  As a sculptor, she combines polymer clay and rich fabrics to animate creatures of delicate grace.  Katie engages in  the ancient art of block printing, allowing her to create art that has been called “Graphically tight, original and fresh yet vintage at the same time.”  Her “Faerie luminaries” are especially popular, turning glassware and tea lights into evocative glimpses of the Otherworld.  Her visual art has been featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions, and she is currently accepting new commissions to bring customized beauty and magic to your surroundings.

Llunnas Natural Creations
Honoring every part of the animal. That’s how I do my work. Both as a taxidermist and as an artist, who works with the natural materials of an animal’s body – the bones, the feathers and fur. Ever since I was a child I’ve loved taxidermy. If I went into a museum the first thing I wanted to see was the taxidermy, and all the articulations of bones and skulls. How the animals anatomy and bone structures were preserved amazed me in so many ways. I offer the sacred tools for spirit work or ritual dance. My smudgers, feather fans, are used to direct smoke from herbs, such as sage, in cleansing rituals. I use many different bird wings. They are legal not federally protected bird wings. I use chicken and duck for smaller hand held, and turkey to make large elaborate ceremonial smudgers. I also make my own smudge sticks and loose herb incense for sale. My feather earrings come in many different colors and sizes, some with stones and others with bone. I work closely with my client to make sure that piece is exactly what they want. I also do many different styles of necklaces for clients. I either use bones or other parts of the animal I preserve, and also incorporating different types of stones. The other aspect of my business is skull and bone cleaning. The skulls and bones are preserved and mounted just like in museums around the world. I use dermestid beetles to do the dirty work and clean the flesh off the bones. The bones are de-greased and then whitened and preserved just like a piece from a museum. It’s a process that can take months, but the results are museum quality and will hold up over time. I take pride in my work and will not let a piece go unless I think it is perfect! I also help clients with the heart ache of a Pet Memorial. When your beloved pet passes and you want to preserve them as a memorial piece, I process your pet's bones or fur in a way that is is ready for a special art piece or articulation like a piece in a museum. Some clients only want the skull and the body is cremated and the ashes are placed into a special box and the skull is attached to the top. There isn't anything that I love more then a client giving me something they want made into a special piece for them to cherish for the rest of their life. You can see my work at shows, fairs, and I do taxidermy for many wildlife centers and museums.

Massage by Rass
Enjoy an ergonomically designed chair that allows the therapist to access the muscles of the neck, back, shoulders and arms, or feet and calves for an more complete massage experience.

Michael Longrider and Lester Seven Star <PERFORMER
Handmade Native American style flutes, drums, and handcrafts.

MoonDragon Designs  <EVENT SPONSOR
100% Handmade, Pagan Made Goods, such as Capes, Cloaks, Hats, Scarves, Handwarmers, Beaded Jewelry, Wire Wrapped Stone Pendants, Jewelry bags, Brooms, Beaded Wire Suncatchers, and more!

Mystic Echoes  <PRESENTER
Herbs and hand crafted loose herbal incense, Magical tinctures and oils. Candles and ritual bath salts, jewelry and keychain charms, leather goods.

Mystical Inspirations  
I have been painting for over 20 years, I have an affinity for trees, so they tend to be my main focus, although I do paint other things that speak to me Moons, Owls, Ravens, . I also make hand crafted wands for about 3 years now. No Machines touch them they are hand carved, sanded, artwork, and finish. I also do all the art work free hand There are no patterns used in my work. Each piece is a one of a kind piece. I also started working with Wire about a year ago I Make trees on crystals with crystal leaves as well as Fairy ears and head pieces to match. And I also make pendants out of crystals.

NH Woodthings 
Spoons, spatulas, forks, knives, spreaders, cheese/cutting boards etc. Made from recycled wood

Nicole Hansche
I paint with watercolor and acrylic paints on watercolor paper and canvas respectively. I sell the originals and have prints available of many of my pieces. I also take orders for custom commissioned pieces. Subject matter ranges from birds and nature, to fantasy and comic book/pop culture.

Ocean Moon Creations
Bob create his paintings using spray paints, acrylics, crumpled newspaper, palette knife and brushes. All of his art is created with love, light and intention,

One Path Labyrinth Ventures  <PRESENTER
Ceramic finger labyrinths created in a ritual setting with focused intention and healing energy. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind handcrafted, sacred tool designed to aid the user on their path to healing and wholeness. All of the stones used are genuine crystals and gemstones selected for their healing properties.

Phoenix Hand Craft
High end cutting boards, hand carved wooden spoons, soap dishes, hand forged items, all hand made one of a kind pieces. Ceramic and wood offering bowls, wands, athame, dishes and so on.

Rachels Rings and Stained Glass Things 
Stainless Steel Comfort Band Rings Personalized and Hand Stamped with ANYTHING you want on a ring.

The Red Tent Sisterhood  
The Red Tent Sisterhood is a collaborative of modalities under one roof. We hold Gallery Parties and events that allow (mostly women) people to express themselves through meditation, intuitiveness and many forms of healings. We provide releasing and wishing ceremonies. Every event is custom and forever changing to meet our clients needs. There are 4 of us presently working with each other and we also have our own private practices.

The Robin's Nest  <EVENT SPONSOR
Handcrafted Incense Bottles, Magical Gifts, Potions, candles, Incense, Jewelry, Handcrafted Wares... We have a little bit of everything! The Robin's Nest takes great pride in supporting local artists and hand crafting many of the items we carry. The Robin's Nest is as diverse as the community we serve. Come see what's new!

Running Dog Pottery of Martha's Vineyard
Wheel thrown and hand build stoneware pottery and handcraft jewelry. My pottery is a functional art inspired by history. I am honored that many of my goblets and bowls have been used for chalices in various spiritual practices. My approach to jewelry is "you design" I make while you enjoy a Faire. My carry angels, fairies and many other magical creatures for you to choose from.

A Sacred Place 
ASP is a federally registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization.  We manage just over forty acres of land in West Central NH, just at the foothills of the White Mountains. The land is open to all those who are willing to respect it.  We regularly host classes, spiritual retreats, concerts, festivals, and other events, as well as providing camping, nature hikes, and a chance to commune with nature on an established spiritual site

Sha the LoonWitch 
Aura Photography- Aura photos capture the energy around you that comes from within.  Using Kirlean photography, Sha is able to take your photo and illuminate your spirit through a psychic interpretation of your aura.

The Silver Branch 
Hand sculpted faeries, mermaids, dragons, gnomes, goblins, faery doors, green man boxes. My own handmade and original copyrighted line of faery wing jewelry. Dragons sculpted onto skeleton keys

Sole Tranquility <EVENT SPONSOR
Relax & Rejuvenate with Reflexology- Reflexology may: decrease stress & tension, enhance sleep quality, & promote an overall sense of balance and centering.

S&E Creations
Eye packs are handcrafted made with fresh Lavender, Rice packs are handcrafted made with essential oils, Boo Boo packs handcrafted made with essential oils, Car & room fresheners handcrafted made with essential oils

Stone Sisters Boutique 
Artisan-created, stunning, sterling silver metaphysical gemstone jewelry including ~ pendants, rings,earrings, bracelets & necklaces. Unique crystals,stones, minerals & specimens as well as select spiritual and metaphysical gifts and supplies.

Sue-Nami Soaps and Scents 
Soaps are vegetable oil based, kept as natural as possible using essential oils and plants; some soaps contain fragrance oils (synthetic). Skin creams are made with nourishing oils, essential oils and are beeswax based. Therapeutic bags are microwavable or freezable depending on one's needs.

Temple of Witchcraft  <EVENT SPONSOR
The Temple of Witchcraft is a 501(c)3 religious nonprofit supporting the Great Work of Witchcraft in New England and worldwide. The Temple store offers a wide range of books (including new titles by co-founder Christopher Penczak), incense, potions, crystals, T shirts, and other items and all proceeds go to support the Temple and it's development fund, currently focused on the development of a permanent site on 5 acres in Salem, NH.

Tsuri's offers reiki healing sessions. Cyndi, owner of Tsuri's, is a Reiki Master and incorporates the use of crystals and aromatherapy during healing sessions. She is also an herbalist and creates reiki infused homemade herbal products.


The Witty Moon
They like to paint with all kinds of fabrics. They say that it it is a process of putting recycled materials together.. made of pure passion for recycling RESPONSIBLE & FASHIONABLE REDESIGNED CLOTHING Along with their original Magic Dragon Shawl they offer, Velvet Empress Coats, Gypsy Jackets, Upcycled Mens Silk Tie Sexy Waistcoats, Yoga Legwarmers, Hoodie Ponchos, Pixie Hoodie Sweater Dresses, Hoodie Sweaters and Hoodie t's. They also will offer their incredible original Astro-Photography. Taken in their backyard observatory using 2 large telescopes and state of the art CCD and DSLR Cameras. They specialize in deep space photography i.e. Nebulae and Galaxies. In addition will also offer up their original Mystical Meditation Abstract Art posters. Get ready for a fantastical experience painting the universe with color and beautiful recycled materials . folks will turn their heads letting them think outside the box. Leaving them with smiles and the inspired feeling. that everything is possible. The purpose of upcycling is to reduce the carbon footprint we leave behind and to eliminate our dependence on manufactured goods, which both keeps unwanted items out of the landfill and creates a sense of independence from the system of consumerism

Wolf's Head Whatever
Colored chainmail jewelry. Chainmail badges, banners and designs in rings. Chainmail nets on stones. Plus crochet, woven and knit items from various materials, some handspun fibers. Shawls, scarves, blankets and ponchos, and occasionally hats and bags.

Once you've seen her perform and taken the Intro to Belly Dance class, stop by Zabel's table for information on upcoming classes at her dance studio.

Zooguu makes high quality, handmade toys and animal friendly, faux taxidermy. Everything is an original design and handmade with an eye for color, design & humor.