Vendor Application

Thank you for your interest in vending at the Marketplace! 
Please note: This is the Merchant application- Readers please apply here

THIS HAS BEEN UPDATED FOR 2018!  Please note the new information.

In order to provide the best possible selection of vendors and services to our patrons, the MM&PF is a juried event.  Our vendor spaces are filled to capacity every year, and we have always maintained a waiting list. Please fill out the vendor application below to be considered for the Marketplace.  The website and description you enter willl be used for our website and event program- Please note that there are TWO descriptions of your merchandise below- one short, one long.  We reserve the right to edit for length or content.  The more accurate the information provided, the better equipped we will be to evaluate your application.

Applications must be received by January 15, 2017.  We will announce our vendor selections right around February 1, at which point you will have two weeks to pay your vendor fee by check or PayPal, or your space will be given to the next applicant on the waiting list.  Between that and cancellations, we always end up pulling a few people from the wait list- So don't give up hope if you don't make the initial cut.

Vendor spaces are priced as follows, and are supplied with a 6' table and 2 chairs.  There are a limited number of 8' tables available first-come-first-served.  If needed, a space against the wall with electricity is an additional $10.  If you wish to do readings as well as vending, or provide a service, such as massage or reiki, you will want a flex-space: larger than the standard vendor space, this has room for both a vending table and reading table, or for a massage table- If you like, we can handle your appointments for you the same as with readers.

Both Days:  $120
Saturday Only:  $80
Sunday Only:   $65

Preference will be given to vendors who can do both days, but we do have a limited number of one day spaces available.

How to increase your chance of getting in:

  • We love having unique vendors!  Tell us what sets you apart.  This is ESPECIALLY important for jewelry vendors, as so many apply.
  • We generally prefer handcrafters over buy/sell, but we like to have at least one vendor with "the usual" (read: AG) stuff anyway, and a well curated selection of books or crystals is always a hit. 
  • Including a photo of your display will DEFINITELY help your application. Provide a website where we may see them, or email them to Beth.
  • Be honest about what you have. We understand that you might sell a few tangental odds and ends, but if it takes up more than 20% of your space, it factors into our jury process- If your application says that you sell herbs, but half your table is jewelry or books, you will not be asked back. If you plan to split your space with another vendor, you must include BOTH your information on the application.
  • Submit your application on time- Or better yet, early:  We start taking applications almost a year in advance.
  • MLM and resellers like Avon, Scentsy, Herbalife, Pampered Chef etc., go straight to the bottom of the pile- You're welcome to apply, but your chances are not good. Sorry, but we already have to turn away far too many talented craftspeople just because of space.
  • We give preference to vendors who fit the overall theme of the event, ie: "Magickal".  If you sell something completely unrelated, such as replacement windows (yes, this was a real application we received), we suggest becoming a sponsor instead.
How would you categorize your PRIMARY wares / services?
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Maximum of 2. Please note there is no discount for additional spaces.
Services might include massage, Reiki, henna, etc.
Please take a look at the map to familiarize yourself with the pros and cons of any given area. Note that while we do our best to accommodate, choices are not guaranteed.
There is an additional $5 fee to guarantee a space with electricity. These spaces are first come, first served.
All spaces come with a 6' table and two chairs. A limited number of 8' tables are available upon special request.
Please write in third person. Feel free to list specific products, but do not include complete lists of every style, option, etc. Your listing may be edited before inclusion in our website or program.