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The Woodland Alchemy
Film Screening and Panel

The New Hampshire premiere of the short film The Woodland Alchemy.  See the film and meet the cast and crew!
There is a haunting place of magic, light and shadow that calls out to you from a curious woodland.  What if you could go there, who or what would you find? Would you confront your fears and connect with your own personal power?  Once you discover this enchanted world, could you come back? The Woodland Alchemy brings viewers to a place that resides on the edge of imagination, the unknown and the mysterious.  With an original score that connects to the deepest emotions, come and take a journey of transformation where you will not only dive deep into your soul, but rise up and soar in a way you never thought you could.  With an epic original score by Jenna Greene and Robert McClung. Your cast of guides into this mysterious realm are Roxie Zwicker, Jenna Greene, Stacy Lynn Sheppard and Knate Higgins. Directed and edited by Chad Cordner.  Escape to the haunted woods…

Got Lyme? Help Could Be Closer Than You Think!
With Wendy Snow Fogg

With the estimate that at least 75% of the NH population has experienced Lyme Disease, it’s likely that everyone reading this would benefit from this workshop. We know Lyme is an invasive, opportunistic disease that causes severe inflammation, impairment of the central nervous system and cognitive abilities as well as hearing and vision loss or damage, digestive issues and overall dysfunction. Its coinfections add to the symptoms. But, did you ever stop to think that the places where you may have contracted the disease might also hold keys to healing? Although this short talk doesn’t allow for expansive detail, you’ll surely go home with a sense that there’s help very nearby in wild plants and plants you can easily grow and prepare to help ease the symptoms of Lyme that have left you feeling exhausted, helpless and hopeless.

The Magic of Scent
With Wendy Snow Fogg

Scent plays an important and powerful role in our lives.  We make choices about everything from food choices and clothing purchases to life partners based largely on how they smell on the first whif!  We're more likely to shop in stores whose aromas appeal to our limbic recall. Memory is frequently triggered by smells. In this workshop, your sense of smell takes a fun, intriguing and surprising walk through the world of scent as you explore a variety of both essential oils and fragrance oils and learn the difference between them; plus you’ll get the skinny on safe and ethical use of essential oils.

Wendy Snow Fogg is the Sr. Herbalist at Misty Meadows Herbal Center in Lee, NH, soon to become the first NH Dept. of Education licensed Post-Secondary Career Herb School in New Hampshire. Long before founding Misty Meadows in 1989, she was working with the healing plants, hearing their songs, learning from their stories. For more than 3 decades she has created gardens, led countless plant walks, taught at conferences and guided clients in the ways of herbal health care. She is the creator and program director for The Spirited Herbalist – A Plant-Guided Journey To Your Self, a comprehensive, hands-on herbal apprenticeship program that has earned national respect. Graduates are recognized throughout NH and beyond as practitioners, farmers, teachers, shop owners and voices for the healing plants and Mother Earth.

Image may contain: Steve Wilson, beard and outdoorThe Modern Shaman
with Rev. Steve Wilson & Bety Comerford

The belief in shamanism – a connection to all things both above and below – has been around for millennia. In order to survive, it has needed to adapt to its times. Join Shamanic practitioners Steve Wilson and Bety Comerford as they discuss shamanism in the modern world. They will discuss how shamanism fits into your everyday life and how you can begin the process of connecting to all living things both seen and unseen.

Steve is a Certified Shaman in the Mayan and Tibetan traditions, a Channeler, Medium, Reiki Usui & Shambala Master, Qi Gong Practitioner and Licensed Spiritualist Minister.  As a child, he began seeing elves and fairies and they became his teachers and guides.  As he progressed on his journey, he integrated Druidic mysteries and Native American Traditions into his practice and knowledge of the Earth.  Steve helps his clients to understand that all things in life have purpose and will help you realize your deepest desire and soul's purpose.  His healings have changed people's lives, enabling them to confront their problems and issues with confidence and courage.  When he is not healing or teaching Shamanism, Steve heads up the Spirit Light Network, a non-profit organization dedicated to the investigation of paranormal activity and, more importantly, to the releasement of lost souls.

After Dark - Shamanic Vision Quest
With Rev. Steve Wilson and Bety Comerford

Join Shamanic Practitioners Steve Wilson and Bety Comerford as they lead you through a meditation, known as a Shamanic Vision, where you will experience meeting the other side, whether in the form of a spirit guide, god, goddess, wizard or nature spirit who is most appropriate for where you are on your path, and who will give you a treasure gift of what to expect next on your life journey.

Bety Comerford is a shamanic practitioner and animal communicator with over twenty years experience assisting both animals and their human companions understand each other and forge a stronger bond.   Please bring a photo of your pet, whether alive or deceased to facilitate the reading.

Are You an Empath?
With Rev. Steve Wilson and Bety Comerford

Are you an empath? Do you feel everyone’s emotions? Do you feel overwhelmed by all that you feel? Do you want to learn more about empathy and what it means to be an empath? Join Steve Wilson and Bety Comerford, authors of the highly successful Empathy series of books, published by Schiffer Publishing, as they discuss what being an empath is all about. You’ll learn to feel energy, move energy and change the vibration of energy. Understand what an incredible gift empathy truly is.

No photo description available.Myth Busting Common Mistakes Around Astrology
with Dorothy Morgan

Do the zodiac signs match the constellations? Is there a 13th sign? When is the beginning of the zodiac? What about the “Void of Course” Moon? Mercury retrograde or Sun sign Astrology? Is Saturn really all that bad? Come and join in the conversation when Dorothy will be presenting the facts around these items and more.

Patterns and Life Cycles in Astrology
With Dorothy Morgan

In this lecture Dorothy will present a look at some of the cycles and patterns (known as transits) that everyone experiences at the same age. Many people have heard of the Saturn Return, it happens around the age of 30 and can be a period of hard work and new responsibilities. Well there are many more like this throughout life. Come and join the conversation, get some insight into these important patterns and maybe even find out what pattern you are currently experiencing.

I started studying Astrology back in 1988 at my first Saturn return and have been a Full Time practicing Astrologer and teacher of Astrology since 2006. Astrology is my passion and my profession; it is not a hobby for me. 30 years later I am is still going strong and learning something new every day about Astrology. It is such a complex and powerful tool of personal understanding my love to know more is never ending. Which is why enjoy teaching it so much. My consultations are easy to understand and practical, keeping the astrology jargon to a minimum, allowing you to gain a better understanding and not leave the session in a fog. Currently the President of the Seacoast Astrological Association out of Portsmouth and Epping, New Hampshire.

Learning to Develop your Psychic Abilities
with Joy Gaffney

Everyone has the ability to tap into their own psychic gifts. We will begin with a guided meditation to help to bring up the energy in the room.  We will discuss the many types of psychic abilities available to learn. Determine for yourself which gift you have. Practice with a partner to learn how you receive Information.  Understanding discernment as to the information you receive and how the information is coming in.  Learning the tools to help develop the gifts. Guided meditation to give gratitude.

Image may contain: Joy Gaffney, smiling, closeup

How to Connect to Your Spirit Guides
with Joy Gaffney

Your guides are always available to connect with.  We will begin the class with a guided medition The class will include:  What are spirit guides and why are they with us. How to discern who are your spirit guides  What is the importance for making the connection to your guides Tools for connecting to your guides Understanding the energy behind making the connection to your guidence Closing guided meditation with gratitude

I have studied the way of the Shaman for over 18 years and am a Shamanic Healer/Teacher, Psychic/Medium, Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, and Spiritual Counselor.  I teach both Shamanic Reiki and Usui Reiki, all levels.  My gift as a Shamanic Healer, Psychic/Medium and Spiritual Counselor give me the ability to tap into Divine Guidance and the healing energy of  Source.  I find my true strengths are shown through my Dedication and Passion with teaching others how to reach their goals toward Internal Peace, Acceptance and Love, while giving them a greater understanding of their Divine Self.  

Image may contain: 1 personAn Introduction to Animal Spirit Medicines
with Ellen Evert Hopman

Ellen Evert Hopman, author, Herbalist and Druid Priestess, shares the basic concept of “Animal Spirit Medicines”. For the Ojibway and other nations, plants were classified according to their natures as reflected in strong Spirit animals such as Bear, Badger, Deer, Rabbit, Wolf, Turtle and Snake. Learn about this ancient plant classification system which Ellen has written about in her book “Secret Medicines from Your Garden – Plants for Healing, Spirituality and Magic” (Healing Arts Press)

Ellen Evert Hopman is a voice for Herbalists and Druids in modern society and the author of a growing number of books. A master herbalist and professional member of the American Herbalists Guild (AHG), Ellen is a founding member of The Order of the White Oak (Ord Na Darach Gile) and currently serves as ArchDruid of Tribe of the Oak, an international Druid teaching order based in New England. Ellen has presented on Druidism, herbal lore, tree lore, Paganism and magic at conferences, festivals, and events across the United States and Europe.

After Dark - Tree Medicine- Tree Magic 
with Ellen Evert Hopman 

Ellen Evert Hopman, author, Herbalist and Druid Priestess, shares a slide show of trees that are easily found in North America, and a discussion of their medicinal uses, mythology and spiritual significance. Many of these trees are covered in Ellen’s books about trees: “A Druid’s Herbal of Sacred Tree Medicine” (Healing Arts Press) and Ellen’s classic first book “Tree Medicine Tree Magic” (Pendraig Publishing) which has been re-released in an expanded and revised edition.

Image may contain: 1 personHealing with Color
with Jeffery Cerneson

Taoist healing practice utilizes five colors arranged in a classical pentagram and associated with specific organs to maintain and restore a healthy balance to the circulating life force.  In this presentation Jeff will illuminate this simple but powerful system that anyone can use to enhance their healing magic. Included will be a simple qigong practice that enhances one's awareness of and skill with the life force of the body.

In the course of seeking magic, Jeff has walked across many landscapes of spiritual endeavor. From the mountains and temples of China, to the plains of Mid-West America; from the deep woods and mountains of both Northern and Central Europe to the Desert of Central Mexico, Jeff sought for hidden corners of culture where sorcerers might still linger, hiding in plain sight. Each of these cultural landscapes handed him a lens through which he could view the ineffable. In some cases his journey was a literal one, where Jeff scaled mountains to sit at the feet of a Sage. In other cases Jeff met, by the graceful hand of fateful powers, someone who had trained extensively in a living tradition of magic without going further than the other side of town. Most of his teachers did not call it magic, but it was Magic that they did. What has been common to all of them was the wise, and skillful handling of perception. And in this Jeff discovered the very heart of magic, sorcery, cunning craft or whatever you might choose to call it.

Geeky Meditations
with Alyssa Yeager

Meditations about Hobbits, Harry Potter, the Force, cats, and more? Yes please! Become the most mindful geek you can be participating in this unique guided meditation session.  

Alyssa Yeager: A professional musician and therapist, Alyssa uses both meditation and divination in her work to help clients gain insight into their subconscious. She recognizes that not everyone is inspired by traditional approaches. She offers a unique method of fortune-telling using gemstones, which she developed over years of practice. Her geeky meditations album takes common meditation themes such as relaxation and self-awareness, and explores these topics through the worlds of Star Wars, the Dark Crystal, Harry Potter, and more. 

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, eyeglasses and closeupLabyrinth: Ancient Pattern of Mystery and Magic
with Tracy Andryc

The labyrinth is an ancient symbol that has been found in various forms throughout the world from Finland to Greece and India to the Americas. The labyrinth has come into the consciousness of humans in waves, possibly as early as 3,500 BCE. The labyrinth can be used as a tool for transformation, deeper spiritual focus, and connection with spirit. It can lead us to divine inspiration, mirroring the journey of our lives with its twisting path leading to sacred center. Join Tracy on a virtual journey around the Globe to visit some ancient labyrinth sites and learn of the mysteries they hold.

After Dark - Candlelight Labyrinth Walk
with Tracy Andryc

Walk the labyrinth in this After Dark workshop and experience the meditative magic of the labyrinth.  Beautifully setup in the Movement studio with candles and music bring the experience to life.

After Dark - White Light Seance
with Stacy-Lynn Sheppard

Come and experience a Psychic Mediumship Event you will not soon forget.
During this event we all will participate by bringing in the energy and protection of the Other Side while we call upon the spirits of our guides and loved ones to bring us healing guidance through energy and messages. Stacy-Lynn will be conducting the session and will take time to teach and explain all you need to know before we begin.  If you personally make a connection you will be guided on how to relay the message brought through you. Many people have truly loved the experience of what we like to call a White Light Seance. Please bring any tokens or keepsakes you would like to place on the alter during the event.

As a Mother, Breast Cancer Survivor, Author, Intuitive Life Coach, Psychic Medium, Motivational Speaker and Spiritual Minister Stacy-Lynn has amazing information and knowledge to share with you.  She can assist you both in your personal and professional life.  Stacy-Lynn guides you to and through your other side.  Assisting you in finding your Higher Self and Spirit Guides and Connecting you to passed over loved ones by being a Medium to your Soul’s truth.  Guiding you to success in all areas of your life you only dreamt of by opening your heart, mind and soul.  Through private session or workshops Stacy-Lynn can help you find the answers you have been asking for.

Image may contain: 1 person, standing and outdoorStringbound Journal Class— Recycle, Repurpose, Recolor!  
With Kate Holly Clark

This is a hands-on workshop on how to make a stringbound journal, using a discarded book for the cover.  Stringbinding is an old bookmaking technique traditionally used to consolidate a bunch of smaller books or signatures of pages;   the advantage is that you can add and remove sections as you please.
It involves glue, scissors, fabric, string, and junk-able books, resulting in a journal you can take home with you!  Come prepared to actually make a thing with your hands! We’ll also talk a little bit about color-correspondences for what you use your books FOR.   Please feel free to bring a baggie full of scraps of fabric or fun papers or scrap pictures or whatever from home for decoration of your journals— glue, old books to recycle, and string will be provided to use along with an assortment of whatever scraps of decorative stuff I have on hand at the time.

Kate is a deeply intuitive reader of runes, utilizing organic and freeform readings to help her clients. A jeweler for many years, she realized that the rocks were already talking to her anyway; it was a natural move to speaking with them more directly. She reads the Elder Futhark, the oldest known of the runic alphabets. Runes can be both hilarious and blunt, making them a perfect match for Kate.  In her other lives she is a jeweler, herbalism student, poet, storyteller, and pet-mom to three cats and a dog.

A Sacred Belly Dance Journey
With Zabel

a meditative dance discovery of connecting the feminine energy through dance as told from the historical perspective of Raqs Sharki (belly dance). Dancers will be gently guided through safe dance practices to connect them internally to their bodies and externally to the greater world female energy. We will learn basic moves from belly dance as a framework to travel through our moving dance meditation. This class welcomes dancers of all levels. Be prepared to kick off your shoes and enjoy this low impact dance class with Zabel.

Image may contain: one or more people and outdoorPaganism in Literature
With CoyoteSkyWoman

Paganism is something that has a stronger following now than ever before, and a lot of its roots go far back into the history of literature. The places that it has shown up most strongly in modern times, however, has been within the fantasy genre, especially since Tolkien first wrote The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings trilogy. A lot of people now practicing paganism got their start within the books of some very famous authors, and a lot of information that is now considered to be the basics of magical practices. This class will examine some very well-known books where the tenants of paganism occur, as well as some lesser known examples that may have gotten less press, but still have been influential examples of their genre.

CoyoteSkyWoman has been a member of the Pagan community in Massachusetts and New Hampshire for the last 30 years, and she has been a practicing shaman for only a little bit longer than that. She works closely with the trickster spirit, Coyote, and has been presenting and writing for various publications for several years. She also was the editor of The Crow’s Calling magazine from 1999 – 2004

Modern Media and the Pagan Community
Panel Discussion
With CoyoteSkyWoman, Kathryn Smith, Kate Holly-Clark, Rosalynde "Rose" Jarvis, and more.

Within modern media, there is a great deal of variety as to the ways that people present the ideas  of witchcraft and paganism. From television shows and movies to online comic strips and video games, the ways in which the beliefs and practices of magic, not to mention gods and spirits, are showcased is vast and powerful. Some of these are in a positive light, while others are negative, but they all shape the way that the larger culture views us. Shows such as Supernatural And Sabrina offer a mixed bag of accurate and inaccurate depictions where as video games like Skyrim draw heavily from the same cultures that many practitioners adhere to. Our panel will discuss the ramifications of these, as well as examples from all forms of media..

OImage may contain: 1 person, beardld Laws in the Modern World
With Rev. Robert Nolan

In the ancient world, there were many shared cultural norms or laws, the traditions of which have been passed down to us in these days. These include such things as the obligations of guest and host, the concept of a word of honor, as well as a myriad other things that we take for granted in our day to day life. Many traditionalists and reconstructionists hold tightly to these old laws, despite them being an anachronism and sometimes an inconvenience in a modern world where so many devalue the laws that have allowed human community to exist throughout the ages. Through example and Socratic discussion, we will discuss how these older laws and traditions can help the modern American live a happier and more fulfilled life.

Rev. Robert Nolan has been active in the pagan community for two decades as a priest-at-large as well as a host of public rituals and presenter of workshops.

Image may contain: Susan Marie Coté, closeupThe Magic of Color
With Susan Coté

Colors are crucial in all types of magic, touching different parts of our subconscious mind and triggering emotions and feelings that help us unlock our magical energy and power. Choosing and using the right colors in magic is vital for getting the best results. In this presentation, Susan discusses how different energy structures or vibrations draw and focus specific energy patterns such as those of abundance, love, protection, or healing. You will discover and discuss how we can employ colors to help ourselves and others to become energized and restore a happy, calmer state of being and learn ways of combining your colors to achieve the exact balance of vibrations that you want in your acts of magic.expect next on your life journey.

Susan is a practicing Herbalist, Pharmakeute, and Initiate of the Ash, Birch, and Willow Tradition founded by Raven and Stephanie Grimassi, and has had the honor and privilege of studying directly with them. Drawing upon over 20 years of immersive experience with various religions as well as earth-centered spiritual traditions, she weaves magic, mindfulness, and intention into her everyday life which is palpable in all she offers, from workshops to metaphysical tools. Susan’s additional training and practice also includes Reiki, Classical Taoist Healing, and Western Herbalism. She is the Creator and Owner of Branwen’s Dreams, Handcrafted Treasures for the Magically Inclined.

Queen of Heaven, Earth & Sea
with Matooka Moonbear

Practical wisdom from the Queen of Heaven, Earth and Sea. Leading us into our own sovereignty to reign over the realms of three!

Imagine that Heaven represents higher consciousness.  Earth our body and the material realm. Sea being our emotional body and expression. Imagine now the rulership of these realms and what it would mean to take responsibility as sovereign in each. What would that mean in our magickal, spiritual and everyday life?

Matooka is a Witch, initiated High Priestess and ordained minister in the Temple of Witchcraft lineage.  She also studied and received initiation in Goddess School tradition of Feminine Mysteries. During her 30 year journey in Earth based spirituality, she developed passion and skill about creating ritual, rites of passage and Shamanic initiation. Her practices include multiple shamanic traditions that encompass working with animal allies as well as creating ritual tools such as sacred drums and rattles. She created Hoops of Life Divination (her life spiritual process as a reality map) for Shamanic Consultation, making it a  system for guidance.  Her skills also include Reiki Master, and Kryia Massage Therapy. In 2014 her during her studies in Temple of Witchcraft Mystery school, her path took a turn toward Tantric healing and Sacred Sexual Shamanic work. Today, she is taking all the years of bodywork, witchcraft and shamanism and integrating them into healing modalities she calls Massage Ritual andRitual Healing sessions. Her great work and passion lies is in the healing of the feminine principle in particular the aspect of Crone in the psyche of humanity.matookamoonbear.com

Image may contain: 1 person, selfieAfter Dark - Sex Cafe
with Wrentek MacGowan

The intent and purpose of the sex café is to explore and openly discuss sex & gender, sexual concepts, lifestyles, build understanding and foster a sex positive attitude.  This is a safe and judgement free place to discuss all things sexual. Bring yourself, your questions, your knowledge, your desire to learn and share.  Most importantly bring your love, open heart and understanding for yourself and others.  This workshop is for adults of all lifestyles and gender identifications - all are welcome.  There will be no nudity. 

The Way of Pan
with Wrentek MacGowan

The Great God Pan.  Lord of the Forest, Lord of Shepherds, Pursuer of Nymphs and so much more.  I will share my personal journey of working with Lord Pan, King of Satyrs.  What is myth? What is reality? Is it all frolic and play?   

Wren has formally been exploring magical earth-centered paths for over 25 years & informally all his life. He has taught in many different areas for over 30 years.  Wren is a graduate of the Temple of Witchcraft Mystery School.  Often called nature boy, his primary focus is primal shamanic energies.  Wren leads workshops and retreats on Sacred Sexuality, Shamanic Pathways, Runic Initiations, Vision Quests, Weekend Pagan gatherings, meditation, & facilitates the Embracing SIN series.  SIN is a path for exploring & healing our relationship to Sex, Intimacy, & Nature

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, closeupSound and Vibrational Meditation (Sound Bath)
with Kathleen Hubbard

Everything in existence vibrates, and so we are surrounded by sound all the time. Sound Meditation is a healing practice that allows us to experience inner calm and deep relaxation. For thousands of years, people have used meditation to move beyond the mind's busy activity and emotional turbulence into profound peace and expanded awareness. Kathleen will be offering a Chakra Sound Meditation with her frosted bowls going into a deep Savasana with her Crystal Bowls and other sound instruments. Kathleen DBA Jivana offers services as an alternative treatment for problems like anxiety, chronic pain, sleep disorders, PTSD and general self care. 

Kathleen is a Registered Nurse, Pranashakthi Mahavidya Level One, Reiki Master Teacher and Qi Gong Practice Leader (Medical Qi Gong).     She also holdscertifications in Sound Therapy, Meditation and Mindfulness for Adults and Children. Kathleen works as a Holistic Nurse and is the owner of Jivana which she started in 2014. She started playing Crystal and Himalayan bowls in 2014 and was pulled into the world of sound. Kathleen DBA Jivana Also offers EnergyHealing sessions using Pranashakthi, Reiki, Sound and Vibrational Therapy with use of tuning forks as well as other sound and vibrational instruments for Chakra clearing and other physical Dis Ease.  Jivana is located at 241 Main Street, Townsend, MA. Kathleen also collaborates with Dragonfly Wellness Center on Devens where she has a monthly Restorative Yoga with Sound and Vibration workshop.