Main Stage

Lecture Hall


Movement Studio

Kid Zone

12:00: Kellianna
12:55: Owl & Eagle
1:45: Myschyffe Managed
2:40: Zabel
3:00: Rhiannon’s Lark
3:50: David Pontbriand
4:40: The L.I.A.R.S.
5:35: Zabel
6:00: Jenna Greene
12:30: Crafting Incense
1:30: Food For Thought
2:45: Magickal Tools
4:00: Venus
5:45: Are You an Empath
12:10  Runes
1:35: Witchcraft & Feminism
2:45: Intuition
4:00: Flute Medicine
5:15: Blessing Cord
12:00: Sound Healing
2:30: Labyrinth Walk
4:05: Belly Dance
5:30: Body Sorcery
12:30: Chakras for Kids
2:00: Activities with Spiral Scouts

Please note that this schedule is subject to change.

Workshop Areas:

The Main Stage is located in the vendor room.
The Lecture Hall, Classroom, Movement Studio, and Kid Zone are located in the upper left part of the map.  These rooms are accessable through the small hall opposite the door nearest the stage.
Don't worry- We will have plenty of signage posted to help you find your way around!
Click on the map for a larger version.